Maya - ready to eat

Maya is a unique mango variety of a particularly high quality, with a heavenly flavor, smooth, fiber-less texture and orange-yellow hue. The fruit is picked from the tree when ripe and marketed to the customer with speed. The fruit is packed in the Eitan packhouse, and is supervised strictly at every stage of cultivation, packing and shipment.
Maya is marketed in Premium packaging from mid-July until the end of August.

Maya - ready to eat
Maya - ready to eat

Mango Maya - Tree ripen


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Maya - Tree ripen                        


Packing Information

Storage & Transport Temperature: 10°C
Type of package Carton 6 kg
Dimensions 60x40x11.5
Carton per pallet 136
Type of package Weight(gr) Count
530-670 10
450-560 12
405-515 13
350-460 15
285-370 18
245-330 20
205-290 24
165-250 28
Seago Zim 1 Tene 5 Globalgap 6 Eurogap 7 2 4