Peppers & Chili peppers

Sweet red, yellow and orange Bell peppers are marketed to Europe, Russia and the USA under the Aretz brand. Aretz has put together its own dedicated group of some of the finest growers in Israel's Southern Arava region, harvesting top quality peppers from November to April. All of the growers bring their crop daily to one centralized, state-of-the-art pack house in Moshav Zofar, creating a unique “one grower” high quality system for supervision and quality control. Our streamlined system of sorting, packing, cooling and loading the peppers at the central pack house enables us to have the produce en route to the customer within 24 hours of harvesting and guarantees a very short delivery time.

UMS markets hot chilli peppers of the Fire Flame variety from November to April.

Peppers & Chili peppers
Peppers & Chili peppers

Pepper & Chilli Pepper


Variety Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Cupsicum pepper                        
Fire Flame - Chilli                        

Packing Information

Storage & Transport Temperature: 8°C
Type of package Carton box 5 kg (Pepper) Carton box 3 kg (Chilli)
Dimensions 40x30x20 40x30x12
Carton per pallet 110 180
Carton Net weight Size Weight Count Size Weight
SW 80-120 gr   regular 10-17
M40 120-140 gr      
M36 140-160gr 34-37 pcs    
M30 160-180 gr 29-31 pcs    
L26 180-220 gr 25-27 pcs    
L22 220 gr - up 21-24 pcs    
Size mm      
S 60-70 mm      
M 70-80 mm      
L 80-90 mm      
L1 90-100 mm      
Seago Zim 1 Tene 5 Globalgap 6 Eurogap 7 2 4